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Focused Coaching Programmes

Why Should You Consider Health Coaching From Nutrition Diagnostics?

Focused Health Attention

At Nutrition Diagnostics, you will receive an average of ninety minutes of focused attention during the evaluation, review, and consultation process. You will receive a "Prescription for Health Report" the most sophisticated report of its kind.

Our clients tell us that for the first time in their lives, they are getting the attention to their issues and the real answers they need. The "doctors" we talk with want to operate a health-based practice. They got into "medicine" to help people. But, much to the frustration of practitioners, insurance providers and non-medical third parties dictate today’s contemporary health practices. The standard of care is to provide the minimum level of services possible that’s consistent with “quality health care” for maximum profit of corporations and insurance companies.

You’re probably aware of the news stories about insurance companies offering to reward practitioners if they would deny certain procedures to patients. Or worse yet, Medicare and other insurers can prosecute practitioners for fraud if they order tests “too frequently” or if they order tests considered unnecessary.

Add to this scenario that insurance companies can penalise physicians when patients “take too much time” for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options or visit the doctor “too many times.” When was the last time that an insurance-based healthcare professional was able to take more than a few minutes to evaluate your health?

The end result is that insurance companies and government regulations tie doctors’ hands. Doctors are barred from providing you with the health care that you want and need. This trend means that it’s more difficult than ever to get comprehensive health care. And it’s time for a change...

With Nutrition Diagnostics, you work with a healthcare professional who isn’t bound by insurance or by a practice which must accept government assignments. They wish to do more than see ten patients an hour in an insurance-driven cattle call environment to symptomatically treat a label.

Our clients tell us they choose us because of many reasons with this being an important one.

Our aim is to provide a health service to maximise your chance at regaining and maintaining your health. As our nutritionists are registered and members of various organisations they do attract refunds via insurance companies. The registration membership is ANTA, ATMS, NSA, ANPA. These memberships allow clients to claim through various health funds.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your health insurance, what fund you choose and the amount of cover is your responsibility. Since you are the account owner, and according to your contract and insurance company, all the information from us will be sent directly to you.

The Latest Research

At Nutrition Diagnostics, you get state-of-the-art advice. Backed by a team, the information gathered provides the latest findings on health issues and details of the newest protocols for dealing with those situations.

Our research routinely provides practical approaches to dealing with difficult situations that the rest of the world hasn’t yet discovered. It’s really very simple. Most researchers don’t have time to do more than conduct research and publish it. Most practitioners don’t have the time to read the journals and apply these new findings to their practice. The result is that the information is out there, but no one has the time to put it together and create a practical outcome. That’s where we come in. You could discover this information on your own with sufficient time and resources. But instead, we do the work for you, recommending approaches that help your body’s natural design to heal and achieve your personal optimum health.

Client's Don’t Get Lost Between The Cracks

Most health advice is offered in a generic, one-size-fits-all manner. Everyone is instructed, for instance, to get their cholesterol as low as possible, cut out salt and lose weight. Yet, many people have deteriorated from this advice, or have simply seen no improvement. Sometimes patients get lost between the cracks because there is no diagnosis that fits their problems. Well-meaning experts have trouble managing a health situation for which there is no clear diagnostic label.  

"We don’t know what it is, but come back if it gets any worse. Maybe then we can do something".

We call this watchful neglect. At Nutrition Diagnostics, we don't have to wait for a label to appear before starting your health programme.

Your Body Is Viewed As A Whole

Everything that has happened to you in your life has contributed to your current and future health situation. Everything matters! Your Prescription for Health report and Health Coach takes that into account and a sound strategy is developed for improving your health.

What makes us different? 

Nutrition Diagnostics has a team of consultants that can be drawn upon, who can develop an all encompassing health strategy. All of our health coaches have been training in Health Model thinking and follow set process that delivers real results.

A Multi-Discipline Approach

Our viewpoint is shaped by thousands of research projects and extensive clinical experience with the most challenging health issues.

At Nutrition Diagnostics, the objective is to help you reach the highest level of health possible for you. We are willing to review any treatment protocol that makes sense to you. If you prefer alternative approaches, we can help you with that. If you prefer conventional approaches, we can help you as well. We expect you to work with your own doctor, and do recommend the services of specialists when it’s obvious that their special skills are required. We act as your health coach, helping you select the experts you need, while directing your overall approach to improving your total body health.

Because of our approach to understanding individual biochemistry, we can identify the effectiveness and outcome either of your doctor's therapy, or of our health advice.

How Will Your Doctor Be Involved?

We prefer to work alongside your doctor. He or she understands your health situation and history, and is licensed to practice medicine and administer your medical therapy. We can help your doctor enhance any of his or her recommended therapies, or simply offer a means of evaluation from a Health perspective. We’re not in competition with your doctor, but want to help ensure your positive outcome. We do this first by helping evaluate the therapy your doctor's employed. Secondly, we can offer a comprehensive health assessment that will better enable him or her to medically manage you. Finally, if you depend on us to serve as your health advisor we will likely suggest procedures that require your doctor to carry out and oversee and assume that you are maintaining your relationship with your medical adviser.

Disclaimer And Disclosure

How Do We Individualize A Programme For You and Which Programme?

Your strategy will be based on your personal biochemistry. Through the most comprehensive blood chemistry evaluation that you're likely to every have done, along with an individualized dietary and lifestyle evaluation, The Prescription for Health report allows us to determine which body chemistry markers are out of balance. By pinpointing these and other imbalances, we can develop a plan that works best with your body’s design to restore balance and therefore allowing you to be the best you can be.

Who should be on this programme?

Do you have to be over 45? Or is it only for women? Or only for those battling weight issues? Far from it. Rather, the Nutrition Diagnostics programmes are created around YOU, for you. It is designed according to your genetics, your background and environmental exposures, and how your chemistries reveal your response to them. It takes into account your life habits too, and highlights the life changes you will need to make on your journey to optimum health.

In short, these programmes are for you.

The Nutrition Diagnostics Programmes are a multi-faceted, science-based approach that ensures you achieve your desired outcomes:

Each program was designed with a different goal in mind for each individual. Take the time to review all of the programs that Nutrition Diagnostics offers and choose the one that is best for you, your needs, and your goal.

Your health is our biggest concern. Let us help you achieve a better, healthier life! 

We are committed to lasting relationships.  Let's make it happen.

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