Nutrition Diagnostics - Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Our Mission

For the past 30 years, there has been a steady rise worldwide in the incidence of chronic disease. Disease rarely, if ever, just ‘happens’. Rather, disease is preceded by a metabolic or physiological imbalance. These imbalances emerge slowly and progress continuously, and in many cases you can feel these imbalances in your body before chronic disease take hold. You might find yourself saying, I just don’t feel quite right”, have an ailment that has been troubling you or you aren’t as fit and healthy as you once were. Everything that has happened to you in your life has contributed to your current health situation and if you are not feeling 100% today, the chances are your body’s chemistry is out of balance.

For over 20 years at Nutrition Diagnostics our mission has been simple: to help our patients restore balance to their health and wellbeing. We do this by correcting imbalances in your body’s chemistry. Simply put, when your chemistry is in balance, you optimise the body’s natural ability to combat disease and achieve true health. We acknowledge that every body is different, and everyone’s chemistry is different. Using your unique blood chemistry, we can uncover your body’s design for staying well, and then develop a strategy to return your body back to a healthy balanced state.

Our viewpoint is shaped by thousands of clinical research trials and
extensive clinical experience with the most challenging health cases.

At Nutrition Diagnostics we combine the best of today’s medical and dental science knowledge, complimentary medicines, nutrition and exercise to achieve an outcome tailored for you.

The great news is there's a process to get you from where you are … to where your body will feel fantastic. And at Nutrition Diagnostics we guide you through that process with a tailored health plan designed specifically for you. Your Prescription for Health report is a sophisticated customised plan that is descriptive as well as prescriptive.  By including a specific measured diet, food supplements, exercise and lifestyle steps your Prescription for Health report, coupled with a suggested treatment plan aims to restore balance to your body’s unique chemistry.  And we are with you every step of the way, with your own personal Health Coach, to provide support, advice and guidance throughout this process.

By following where truth leads, we have developed what no one else has…a unique way of tailoring a program to fit your individual needs! ...not a program to treat a single disease or label, or for just women, or for people over 45. Our programs are for people who want the highest level of health they can achieve. It is for people who specifically want  more than ‘just healthy’, ‘ordinary’ or ‘average’. It is for people who are willing to work harder and eat better in order to be the best they can be.

Our aim with Nutrition Diagnostics is to get people focused on tangible, measurable outcomes.

Here’s the point. Don’t commit to working harder or more next year. Commit to working different. Don’t commit to changing something. Commit to changing everything… to change yourself. Don’t commit to a result, but commit to the process of ever-improving results. We want you to be the best you can be. If we aim at perfection you may achieve excellence.

We will need you to understand:

  1. Why do I do something?
  2. How do I do it?
  3. Am I doing it?
  4. Is it working?

Remembering what gets measured gets managed, on the same hand not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

We have the experience and knowledge, needed to translate science into action.
We focus on the work required to create a measurable outcome.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to deliver Health programmes that acknowledges the TRUTH that the ‘body is designed to heal itself’.

Through correct information and ongoing coaching, we help our clients to avoid the myths and misinformation that hold them back from achieving sustainable health and ideal body composition.

Through our detoxification programme, we empower our clients to become free from the body burden of toxicity, of unhealthy eating and lifestyle.

Through our analysis of blood chemistries, we identify imbalances, and guide our clients along their journey to Perfect Weight and Balanced Body Chemistries for Lifelong Health and Vitality.

Through our Nutrition Diagnostics Centre, we provide a welcoming and supportive environment, fully equipped with the very latest facilities to ensure the journey to Lifelong Health and Vitality is an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Above all, we are committed to helping those who want to live life without weight concerns, without the burden of toxicity, and without the debilitating effects of an imbalance in the intake of food groups.

Your journey to transform your health starts today.