Nutrition Diagnostics - Our Approach

Our Approach  What we do...

Our Vision with Nutrition Diagnostics is to get people focused on tangible, measurable, outcomes.

We are deliberately trying to steer people away from circular arguments about HOW the body works biochemically, because it always winds up making people lose sight of the Forrest for the trees and makes them take actions based on assumptions about what is going on internally rather than focusing on the result.

In fact, we firmly believe that the confusion and bad advice that exists these days is all due to the obsession with trying to understand HOW the body works instead of just focusing on the Work that relates to the OUTCOMES, they and we want.

We focus on achieving, measurable actions not simply a "Random bunch of stuff". If, like most people, you choose to focus on the everything other than measuring the variables in that unavoidable equation….. then you should expect to be frustrated and confused as you are!

You can’t change the result of a simple mathematical equation by complicating the math! All you will get for all of your clever added complexity is a wrong answer!

With respect to diet, food, supplements or any action programme we need to ask:

The chemistry markers and their correct interpretation is what stops clients falling through the cracks and will allow us to definitely assess the reason and fundamental cause for their health challenges, and therefore develop a strategy to win.

Disease rarely, if ever, just ‘happens’. Rather, disease is preceded by a metabolic or physiological dysfunction. These imbalances emerge slowly and progress continuously, but generally are not noticeable because our bodies work very hard at accommodating the imbalances. However, if the cause of the dysfunction goes unrecognized, then the battle for balance can be a losing one.

Maintenance of health after a disease process has been reversed is far more difficult than it was when we were in our original good health.

Simply put, when your chemistry is in balance, you have resistance to disease.
When it is out of balance, you have susceptibility to disease.

When looking at chemistries we need to interpret them in light of the fact that the body is always striving to win, and it isn't an indication of failure but an accommodation of survival.

When looking at chemistry markers it is never wise to look at them in isolation but in respect to the movement of many markers that are compensatory in response to gaining homeostasis.